Full Service Dog Grooming


This includes the haircut of your choice, a bath with 2 premium shampoos and conditioner, blow out, fluff dry, brush out, nails clipped then filed, ears plucked/cleaned, and we finish with a spritz of premium fragrance. Every dog receives a bow tie, tie, or bows upon completion. *Anal glands are also included upon request.

Cat Grooming


We offer everything for your kitty! Full grooming, baths, flea baths, nail trims and ear cleaning!

Nose to Toes bath


Our nose to toes baths' include 2 washes in premium shampoo and conditioner, 20 minutes of coat appropriate brushing, nail clipping then filing, ear plucking and cleaning. Every pet receives a bow tie, tie, or bows upon completion. *Anal glands done if requested.

Shedless Treatment


Improve the appearance of your pet and your home! Our shedless treatment drastically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair. We remove all of the loose undercoat and your pet is left with a shiny healthy coat! This service also comes with everything a nose to toes bath comes with!

Hand Scissoring


Rather than use clippers we use only scissors and hand scissor the entire coat. Hand scissoring is traditionally used to gain a show dog appearance. Our expert knowledge of coat types combined with our skills and well trained eyes allows us to add balance, grace and style to your dog.

Hand Strip Grooming


We hand strip the dead hair out of the coat. We use a stripping knife and our fingers. Bath, nails and ears included.

Walk-in & Stand Alone Services

Nail Clipping & Filing - $10-$15
Exotic nails - $15 (Ferrets, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, Reptiles, Guinea pigs, etc...)
Cat Nail Clipping - $10
Teeth Brushing & Refresher - $8
Ear Cleaning - $8 w/Plucking - $10
Anal Gland Expression - $10
Face, Feet, Fanny Trim - $15
20 Minutes of Brushing - $11
Nail Polish - $8
Kitty Nail Cap Application - $15
Clean up! - $25 (Nail grinding, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, 20 minutes of brushing, a spritz of cologne and a Bow, Bow Tie, or Bandana)

Walk ins